The FORP Learning Center


How can "talking" to someone for an hour or two a week turn a life around? How can knots be untied that have gotten tighter each year? How can old, stuck conundrums get fresh air and sunlight? How can the use of words go beyond words?


The FORP Learning Center is a welcoming community of therapists.

From our perspective this kind of therapeutic conversation:

  • is embodied, receptive and open to surprise
  • reaches for what one feels but has not yet put into words
  • is based on the pursuit of deep, resonant understanding
  • is a venture on the growing edge - looking for signs of micro-moments of forward movement
  • builds steps of trust in ourselves and relationship simultaneously
  • welcomes the unacceptable, the deeply conflicted, the profoundly confusing and what is buried in shame, as well as new tendrils of self celebration, creativity and spiritual longing.
  • is a new living from which a new experience of ourselves evolves


We use an integrative approach grounded in Eugene Gendlin's Focusing-orientation and the rich varieties of cutting-edge relational psychoanalysis. This multi-modal approach provides a strong home base for understanding how the therapy relationship comes alive and how the therapeutic process is deepened and carried forward.


Our programs are a living embodiment of the kind of talking that fosters openness, support, room for difference and individual creativity.  Our classes are intimate, interactive and emotionally as well as intellectually engaging.